Why Is Talking About Money So Taboo?

Forget religion and politics – money continues to be the topic that Americans rate the most off-limits for conversation. What are some things that Americans would rather talk about than money?

Mobile Banking: Benefits and Concerns

According to a recent Forbes consumer survey, just over three in four Americans have used their primary bank’s mobile app within the last year for tasks like depositing checks or monitoring account balances.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card

There are seemingly endless types of credit cards to choose from. With all the options out there, how do you choose the right credit card?

The Difference Between a Soft and Hard Credit Inquiry

If you find the power of this number mysterious and complicated, you’re not alone! Why is a credit score such a big deal? How do you even check your credit score? Well, a solid score is required to get a

Revvi Joyful man

4 Ways to Know If You’re Ready for a Credit Card ​​

So, you want to get a credit card. It seems like it’s the right time. You’ve heard there are different types, and some of them are rewards credit cards. You know that they can be a good way to build

5 Ways to Decrease Financial Stress

While there are many factors that play into financial stress, creating a framework and action plan to improve your personal finances can help to reduce money anxiety. Here are five steps to take right now.

Should I Get a Credit Card, Even If I Have Bad Credit?

Maybe you have had a bankruptcy. Maybe you were young and got yourself into debt. Whatever the reason for bad credit history, now your credit score isn’t great. So, should you get a credit card?

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